Little Lambs Class

Cchildren must be 33 months old to enroll in the Little Lambs classroom.

Messiah Lutheran’s Little Lambs Preschool program is designed to introduce young children to a caring, supportive school environment and inspire a love of learning. We focus on cognitive development and work with the children on language arts, math, science and social studies concepts, but we also emphasize social, emotional, physical and spiritual development. Our days also include religion, art, physical education and music, not to mention plenty of directed and free play.

JAM Time (Jesus and Me)

The children in our Little Lambs program are introduced to a new Bible story each week! They work on learning the story together through songs, pretend play, repetitive chorales and singing songs! The students learn that praising our Lord and Savior can happen throughout the entire day.

Language Arts

Preschoolers are encouraged to converse about real experiences, stories, current events and projects to develop oral language skills. Each day a different child takes home the “Share Bag” and is given the opportunity to speak in front of the class and tell what they brought from home. We read to the children and encourage the children to look through books on their own. Additionally, children participate in finger plays, rhymes and songs.

Dramatic Play

Children engage in dramatic and imaginative play with puppets in a puppet theater, playing house with friends and playing games. We work together on listening skills and following simple directions.


Our daily routine (eating our snack, lining up, etc.) offers many opportunities for teaching math concepts. The children also participate in hands-on and small group activities that involve number concepts, counting skills, sorting, numeral recognition and spatial concepts.


We use our senses and several hands-on activities to discover the world around us. Educational themes for the year include the weather, health, plants and animals.

Social Studies

An important element of classroom life is helping each child to develop a healthy sense of self and positive self-esteem. We work on social skills, self-regulating emotions and behaviors, and effective communication with others. The children learn also about themselves, their friends, families, our country and holidays.


Little Lambs have wonderful opportunities to work with a variety of media: pencils, crayons, markers, paints, tissue paper, construction paper, scissors and glue. Art projects offer a fun way to develop fine motor control. There is always a free art table where the children can color and create their own masterpiece!

Physical Education

Children work on large and small motor development through a variety of activities each day including running, jumping, throwing, catching, walking, hopping, galloping, marching and balancing. Children also have the chance to play with parachutes, scooters, beanbags, hula-hoops and other equipment.

Fine Motor Skills

To develop fine motor skills, we work on lacing, stringing beads and buttons, drawing, painting, working with play dough, constructing with manipulatives and cutting.  Students in our Little Lambs program work on the beginning stages of how to write their name. Pencils, crayons and markers are used, crayons and pencils are encouraged due to the fine motor development practice.


We love music, and children are given opportunities to sing, play, listen and move to various types of music. The children also sing religious songs during Jesus Time.

Program Times

9:00-11:30 a.m. Core Session – Monday thru Friday
11:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. Extended Session – Monday thru Friday
***Extended care is available on Monday thru Fridays for both before and after school.

Please call 763.784.1786 for more information on our Preschool program or to plan a visit.

Little Lambs Class