What makes us different

Inspiring the Whole Child

Most preschool programs will teach early education standards like the alphabet, colors, and counting.
At Messiah Preschool, we not only teach academics, but take a holistic approach in nurturing each child.


• help children understand that God loves everyone and sent Jesus who won for us eternal life in heaven
• help them understand that the Bible is God’s book, His word
• lead them to an appreciation of the world God has created
• help children identify things and persons for which to thank and praise God
• pray with children in a variety of ways and times


• become observant of the world around them
• encourage the children’s natural curiosity and develop problem solving skills
• enjoy literature and instill in children a love for reading
• prepare children with basic school readiness skills
• encourage children to choose, make decisions and pursue their own ideas and interests


• encourage a positive attitude toward exercise and physical fitness
• use and enjoy gross motor equipment
• improve fine motor skills such as stringing beads, drawing and cutting
• recognize physical changes and growth in self and others


• provide a Christian atmosphere in which children may interact easily with others, developing friendships and positive social skills
• help children develop abilities to cooperate, plan and follow through in group activities
• communicate their own desires and feelings effectively to others


• reinforce that they are valuable to themselves, to others and to God
• provide activities and materials that will allow the children to be successful which leads to further confidence in their learning efforts

Our Staff

We are PROUD of our Preschool Staff!  Our teachers and assistants are experienced, caring and fun!  A majority of our staff are or have been members of our church.  We have a very low turnover in staff, so you can be assured your child is receiving excellent care!


To stimulate academic skills and social interactions, students at Messiah Preschool are provided with the opportunity during each class period to play and interact with students in a center-based rotation.  Click here to read more…


Parenting is a hard job!  We want to come alongside parents to support them in their journey and make life a bit EASIER.  Here are a few ways we try do that:

• we offer full and half day options for both class ages
• we can accommodate a combination of half and full days

• at the end of class time parents form a line of cars and children are picked up, buckled in, and on their way in an orderly fashion!  This is especially helpful in cold weather, for grandparents, and for those with younger siblings in the car.  Our families love this system!

• you may sign up for your monthly tuition payment to be paid automatically by bank or credit card


• our pricing is very competitive to allow all families to afford a quality experience at Messiah Preschool
• our church members are supportive of what we do, and their generosity allows us to offer scholarships to families in financial need
• click here to read more about class fees and scholarships

Diverse & Welcoming

• Mounds View boasts a wide mix of people from various cultures.  Our preschool reflects this diversity of population and extends a warm welcome to families from every background.  We believe we are made richer by the opportunities we have to learn from one another.
• our staff is experienced in working patiently with children who do not speak English in the home
• our director is trained in working with children with special needs and we gladly accommodate kids who need extra care


2013 “Readers’ Choice” BEST PRESCHOOL (Sun Media)

2014 “Readers’ Choice” BEST PRESCHOOL (Sun Media)

2018 “Readers’ Choice” BEST PRESCHOOL (Sun Media)