How do I Join Messiah?

We understand that those the Lord leads through our doors come from all different backgrounds and faith stories. So in an effort to help you know what we believe as Christians and what Messiah is all about, we have put together a couple different classes. If you are a new Christian, searching, coming from another Christian denomination, or just wanting to brush up on what you believe, then Christianity 101 is a great place to start. If you are coming to Messiah from another Missouri Synod Church (LCMS) church, Christianity 101 would still be a great place to start and get to know more people, but it is not required. We do ask however, that you take “Intro to Messiah” so that you can find out more about what Messiah has to offer.

“CHRISTIANITY 101” is a class where we talk about the basics of our faith, what the Bible teaches in a variety of areas, and how we celebrate those teachings in our Lutheran tradition. This is a great class for the newcomer AS WELL AS someone who has been around for a while! There is plenty of room for discussion and questions and you’ll learn something new every week!

The class is a great place to ask those questions that you have always wanted to ask about God!

Sign up by calling the church office 763.784.1786.

The Next

“CHRISTIANITY 101” begins

Sunday, February 24th