Families Moving Forward

Families Moving Forward is part of Beacon Interfaith Housing.  FMF is an organization dedicated to finding adequate, affordable housing for homeless families and to help them move towards achieving self sufficiency. FMF has a shelter in Northeast Minneapolis where families spend their days.  At the program center they are able to take classes, work on their job skills and finding employment, and search for permanent housing.  In the evenings, volunteers from 65 congregations throughout the Twin Cities metro area create shelter space at their congregation sites for the families to come “home” to every evening.  Each congregation welcomes between 4 and 8 families overnight for a week or two at a time several times during the year. They welcome the families, providing a safe place to sleep, hot meals, activities and friendship.  A bus from the program center picks them up in the morning to return to the shelter. Messiah is one of the host congregations using Luther Hall to offer accommodations to    4 families.  We use approx 50 volunteers each week they are here  – setting up the accommodations, preparing and serving meals, providing family activities, hosting safely overnight, and generally striving to provide a welcoming environment  while children and parents go through a difficult time. If you would like to volunteer or get more information, contact Gretchen at shop4king@gmail.com

This is Messiah’s ministry to help up to four homeless families during a time of great stress in their lives.  We provide an evening meal, a warm, comfortable and private place to sleep, breakfast before they return to a shelter in Northeast Minneapolis where they receive assistance finding suitable housing, where necessary a job, child care, negotiating medical concerns, etc. This program has been able to claim about a 75 percent success rate. We need volunteers to prepare and serve dinner, spend an evening as a host, sleep overnight (easiest job ever), prepare and serve breakfast, set up and take down the facilities, do an activity with the children and/or adults, laundry.  General training is provided.  Most areas take 4 hours or less and you always serve with someone.  We need approx 50 volunteers to make this happen.  Thank you for serving!