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Bible Study and Sunday School: 10:00 am


Sunday School Registration 2018


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1. ADULT CONTACT: Enter the first and last name of the ADULT who will be the primary contact person for Sunday School correspondence *
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2. MOST of our correspondence is via email. Please provide the email address you most use.*
3. Enter Cell number (if you do not have one, list the number where you can most easily be reached)*
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5. Home address or address where we should send Sunday School information *
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6. Secondary ADULT Contact Name *
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7. Name of Child *
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7c. Child's Grade in the fall *
If you are registering more than one child, you may add up to 4 additional children below. If not, please skip down to question number 28.
8. Second Child's Name
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8a. Second Child's birthdate MM/DD/YYYY
8b. Child's Baptism Month (if known) *
8c. Child's Grade in fall
9. Third Child's Name
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9a. Third Child's birthdate MM/DD/YYYY
9b. Child's Baptism Month (if known) *
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10. Fourth Child's Name
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10a. Fourth Child's Birthdate MM/DD/YYYY
10b. Child's Baptism Month (if known) *
10c. Child's Grade in Fall
11. Fifth Child's Name
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11a. Fifth Child's birthdate MM/DD/YYYY
11b. Child's Baptism Month (if known) *
11c. Child's Grade in fall
12. May we use photos taken during Sunday School for church publicity? *
13. By submitting this form you are granting the adults listed above the permission to pick up your child(ren) from Sunday School. If there is anyone who CANNOT pick them up that we should be aware of, please list the name here. ***Children will only be released to the adults listed above or known family members (i.e. grandparent, sibling, etc.)
14. List any food or other allergies we need to be aware of (along with child's name):
15. In order to offer the best Sunday School experience to EVERY child, we need to be aware of any special learning or physical needs your child has. Please tell us if there are any concerns or needs you have so we can best serve your family.
16. Students in grades 2-4 are in mixed age groups. Please let the director know if preferences for certain friends or teachers. Your answers will be confidential. We will do our BEST to meet your request, but cannot guarantee it.
17. The strength of our Sunday School's success is largely due to the volunteer involvement of parents. Please indicate areas you are interested in helping with this year. (Select one or more.) Thanks! *
18. Are you interested in participating in a group of parents who would be willing to meet once per year and/or correspond by email regarding Sunday School and Elementary Ministry at Messiah? This group will help the director steer the structure, content and events that are a part of our Children's Ministry Programming. *
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If you have any questions please contact the Sunday School Director by email or at 763-784-1786.