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Week 51 – Jesus and the 'I Am'  Statements:

           In our journey through God’s plan we have begun to get a good picture of the purpose and person of the Messiah. Some of the clearest insights into Jesus and His purpose come to us through His “I AM” statements. This week we have three of the ”I am’s”. In the opening reading, Jesus tells us “I am the Light of the world.” and in the Saturday reading He tells us that He is the “good shepherd.” In each of these passages He gives us a glimpse into His mission and identity. However, the most important of the three verses is the one we will read on Tuesday. In this reading Jesus leaves behind the usual formula and just says, “I AM.”

            Now if you and I were to say, “I AM” people would get pretty confused. “I am” doesn’t make sense. It needs more. But Jesus, in the context of questions about His identity, refers to Himself by the same name which the Triune God used when He called Moses from the burning bush. You may remember, “I am” was His reply when Moses asked, “Who shall I tell them has sent me?” In this one verse, John 8:58, Jesus dispels any thought that He isn’t God. In this one verse He says that He is the God who made Abraham a father of nations and brought Israel out of Egypt. In other words, Jesus is saying, “I am the creator of all things, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.”


 Week 51 Readings

To read, click on the readings or their descriptions. To listen, use the player below the readings.

 November 3rd, 2014Job 33:28 – Job, like all who believe, will see the light of the world
                                      Isaiah 60:1-3 – The Light of Christ is coming into the world
                                      John 8:12-30 – “I am the Light of the World”

November 4th, 2014 –  Exodus 3:14 – God’s name is the great “I AM”
                                       John 8:31-59 – Jesus is the “I AM”

November 5th, 2014 – Luke 10:25-42 – The Good Samaritan and Mary and Martha

November 6th, 2014 – John 9:1-34 – Jesus heals a man born blind

November 7th, 2014 – John 9:35-41 – Spiritual sight and spiritual blindness

November 8th, 2014 – Ezekiel 34:22-24 – A descendant of David will be the Lord’s shepherd
                                      John 10:1-21 – Jesus is the Good Shepherd

  November 9th, 2014 – John 10:22-42 – The Jews don’t believe that Jesus is God’s son


Audio Readings


November 5th Reading

November 8th Reading


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