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Week 30 –  Daniel: 

       Judah has been sent into exile in Babylon and for all intents and purposes that should be the end of the story for God’s people. Other conquered nations had been led off to captivity and never seen again, so a casual observer could be forgiven for thinking the same thing would happen to the nation of Judah.  Fortunately, when God makes a promise He always keeps that promise.  The nation of Israel may have thrown away the land that God had given them but God’s promise to bless the world through Abraham’s descendants was still in full effect.  Israel may have lost its land but God still promised to bring them back to it and to fulfill His Plan of salvation through them.

 It should be noted that even while God’s people were in Babylon some of His people remained faithful to Him.  This week’s accounts are the stories of four men who stayed faithful to the Lord who had always been faithful to them...even through fire.


Week 30 Readings

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March 31st, 2014Daniel 1:1-21 – Daniel and his friends are prepared for the kings service

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