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Week 3 – Abraham: 

          This week we are going to begin reading about Abraham. Abraham was one of the most important figures in all of history, but he was also a sinful human being who, like you and me, regularly stumbled and occasionally blew it completely. The account of Abraham is the perfect example of grace because, despite Abraham’s failings, God still worked through him. God chose to create a nation through Abraham and to have the Savior come through his offspring, not because of Abraham’s amazing qualities but because of God’s undeserved love.

            Abraham’s story also teaches us many things about the Christian life. It shows us that because this is a sinful world, there will always be trials and even the most faithful believer will have tragedy and problems, but our faithful God is with us even in the middle of those problems and He will bring us through. He is a God who always, despite our failures, keeps His promises.


Week 3 Readings

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September 23rd, 2013Genesis 12:1-9 – The call of Abraham

       Stuff They Didn't Teach Me in Sunday School: "God Chose Abraham"

      Stuff They Didn't Teach Me in Sunday School: "God's Promise"

September 24th, 2013Genesis 12:10-20 – Abraham in Egypt

September 25th, 2013Genesis 15:1-21 – God’s covenant – land and heir

September 26th, 2013Genesis 16:1-17:13 – Hagar and the Covenant of Circumcision

    Stuff They Didn't Teach Me in Sunday School: "God's Covenant with Abraham"

September 27th, 2013Genesis 18:1-15 – 3 visitors – Sarah laughs

September 28th, 2013Genesis 21:1-21 – Isaac is born, Hagar and Ishmael sent away

September 29th, 2013Genesis 22:1-24 – Abraham sacrifices Isaac



Audio Reading


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