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The Plan Overview

          The Bible is God's plan of salvation for all people. A plan that moves from the fall into sin, through the cross, to you. That marvelous story is what the Bible is about and "The Plan" reading series is designed to help you walk through what God has done for us one account at a time. "The Plan" does not cover every story in the Bible but when you are done you will have a much better understanding of who you are, who God is, and what He has done for you. There is no better way to grow closer to the Lord than to be in His very Word.

           To that end, you can download the PDF's of the book below. You can also use the weekly readings laid out in the column to the right. Each week has the daily readings, audio recordings and related short videos produced by Lutheran Hour Ministries called "Stuff They Didn't Teach Me in Sunday School".

           God’s Word is an amazing and wonderful telling of God’s plan of salvation. May He bless you as you grow stronger in Him and His Word.


Formatting and Dating

          The Plan was originally used by Messiah during the 2013-14 church year, however, many people throughout the United States have asked that we keep the information available. So to honor that request we have kept the materials online and are working on removing the dates and reformatting everything. Until that task is completed we ask for your patience and hope you enjoy the materials. May God bless your growth through His word.


The Plan Book

(PDF Format)


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Part 2            Part 4



Readings - Part 1 

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Readings - Part 2

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Readings - Part 3

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Readings - Part 4

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The Book of Acts

Messiah:The Really Early Years

In early January of 1941, a young pastor, fresh out of seminary, stepped out of his car into the freshly fallen snow. The snow creaked under his boots in the 14 below weather as he walked up to the first house on his rounds. This was to be the first house in his travels around the sparsely populated area of Mounds View. 

Pastor Beltz was meeting with local families to determine if there was any interest in beginning a Lutheran congregation in the new suburb. The interest was most certainly there, and that interest was the catalyst for Messiah Evangelical Lutheran Church.

But that was not the beginning of Messiah. Even though Messiah’s first worship service in Mounds View was in February of 1941, our history goes much further back than that. Pastor Beltz’s footsteps were just a continuation of the footsteps of many generations that came before in the Lord. Messiah’s history actually begins, “In the Beginning...” Adam and Eve were our original founding family. Noah was our first evangelist. The patriarchs were our charter members and the prophets were our first pastors. Our history’s high point was the life, death, resurrection and ascension of our Savior, Jesus Christ. And it didn’t stop there; the ascension was just the beginning of a new chapter of OUR history.

 It is that chapter that we are going to be spending the next two months looking into. We will be going back way past 1941, to a time right after Jesus’ ascension and His commissioning of His followers to go out into the world to share His Gospel. We will do this by using the book of Acts as our window into the past to see how the church as a whole, and ultimately Messiah, got started. The narrative is not as perfect as we would maybe like our family history to be. You will see people making mistakes and you will witness conflict between church members. You will watch as our spiritual ancestors will not always know the answers to troubling questions and they will at times doubt about how to proceed. You may even be surprised when you realize how many times Saint Paul failed in his evangelism attempts. However, you will also see the Lord at work in miraculous ways in the midst of His people’s struggles. You will see lives being transformed and the foundation laid for our church and every other church throughout the world.

It may be called the book of Acts but for us it is more like “Messiah: the REALLY early years.” The feet that walked out that locked room in Jerusalem on that first Pentecost day have continued on to Mounds View, Minnesota, and from there they have continued on through our doors to the rest of the world. Acts is the history of the whole Church but it is also our history.