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Praise the Lord! If you are considering nominating a Messiah member or
yourself for an appointment to the Senior Pastor Call Committee, please review the following outline of the Call Committee’s responsibilities. If appointed to
the Call Committee, it will be an extensive commitment to the call process outlined below and will require a significant amount of personal time. This
can be very rewarding, but it is a long-term commitment and open-ended time frame. We recommend prayerful consideration before making a nomination.


Once a decision is made to make a nomination, simply fill out the Nomination Form, taking note that the names of both the Nominating Member and Nominee Member must be provided.  The Leadership Council will review the nominations and appoint the Call Committee. Nominations are open now through July 25, 2017.


  1. The Call Committee will provide the congregation with regular updates on the call process.

  2. When ready, the Call Committee will open nominations for the position of Senior Pastor to congregation members and submit completed nomination forms to the MN South District where additional names will be added.

  3. The Call Committee will work with the LC and Elders to facilitate and complete a congregational Self-Study and provide the results to the MN South District.

  4. Call Committee members will review in detail the PIFs (Personal Information Forms) and SETs (Self Evaluation Tools) provided by the district of all candidates (25-30 total). This will require an extensive amount of personal review time and collaboration with other committee members.

  5. The Call Committee will narrow the list of candidates to 6-8 semi-finalists and submit those names to the district for background checks.

  6. The Call Committee, assisted by the circuit visitor, may by phone, letter, or online contacts, interview the semi-finalists while the background checks are completed.

  7. The Call Committee makes the congregation aware of the names and locations of the 6-8 semi-finalists, inviting Messiah members to share with the Call Committee any concerns or objections they may have regarding any of the candidates.

  8. The Call Committee will narrow the list to two or more finalists.

  9. Call Committee members may visit the churches of finalists or review preaching online, if available.

  10. The Call Committee and Leadership Council will schedule a special meeting of the Voters Assembly to issue the call.  In preparation for the meeting, a brief description of each pastor’s background, family, years in ministry, and strengths may be provided for Messiah members.

  11. Prior to the date of the scheduled Voters Assembly meeting, the congregation may have a designated time of prayer or a Prayer Vigil coordinated by the Call Committee.

  12. In a duly called Voters Assembly meeting, the Call Committee submits the name(s) of the finalist(s) for call, following the congregation’s constitution and bylaws.

  13. The Voters Assembly of Messiah will vote to issue a call for a new Senior Pastor.