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The Leadership Council is resolved that Messiah Lutheran Church will soon be without the ministry of a resident Senior Pastor and will initiate the process to
call such adhering to the following articles of the Constitution and ByLaws
of Messiah Lutheran Church.

Article V, Section D: The right of calling shall be vested in the Voters Assembly and shall never be delegated to a smaller group or to an individual.

Article VI, Section B:

1.     When necessary, the Leadership Council shall convene a Call Committee.

2.     The Call Committee shall invite the members of the congregation to submit names for consideration for nomination.  The Committee may also obtain names of candidates from the LCMS District Office.  Once screening of candidates is completed the committee will send to district a list of selected candidates to assist Messiah in complying with statues chapter 148a entitled “Action for sexual exploitation; Psychotherapists”.  A list of candidates approved by the District shall be made known to the entire communicant membership of our congregation via a first class mailing at least ten (10) days before the Voters Assembly meeting at which the call is to be extended. Prior to the meeting, a communicant member in good standing shall have the right to file a valid objection, in writing, with the chairman of the Call Committee concerning any candidate on the official call list. If such an objection is made and deemed to be valid by the Call Committee the candidate in question shall be removed from the call list.

3.     At any properly called meeting of the Voters Assembly, qualified and eligible candidates shall be placed in nomination by the Call Committee.  The election shall proceed by ballot. A two-thirds majority of all ballots shall be required to elect.  The election shall, if possible, be made unanimous.